Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to Children’s Rights

Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where all children can feel loved.

Faithful Stewards Medical and Education Foundation Team otherwise known as FASTMED Team is an International Medical Personnel Team, an Incorporated non-profit organization based in the United States of America and a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Nigeria and South Africa.

Our goal is to recruit the best of the most compassionate medical professionals and toequip them with necessary tools to function, by ways of seminars, conferences and researches. We are open to qualified Medical Doctors and Nurses of different specialties, Pharmacists, Surgeons, Eye Specialists and Health Educators.

Our Approach

We Facilitate Safe Learning Spaces

Faithful Stewards Ministries is an outreach ministry with a divine mandate to:

  •  Provide care and support for needy children and orphans
  • Respond to the immediate needs of disaster victims and support for a long time recovery.
  •  Engage the less privilege youths and adult in empowerment programs.
  •  Provide rehabilitation program, training and support for the homeless and destitute.

If you are a trained and compassionate medical personnel, membership of FASTMED TEAM is free and open to all practicing and retired medical personnel with no criminal, medical malpractice or conviction record. Are you willing to help rural dwellers in developing countries? Have you ever watched helplessly lives that you are trained to save wasted and you are unable to help? Are you willing to be one of the first responders when need arise? Do you want to be trained as a Chaplain so you can have access to help treat elderly people, vulnerable children, prisoners and members of our law enforcement agencies that are serving our nations? Do you want to network and rub minds with other likeminded medical professionals around the globe? If you answer yes to one, some or all of the above, then please join us.

Our Mission

To recruit, equip and commission those who have a heart to serve,to mobilize and encourage Chaplains to participate and assist in the development of practical community based projects. To inspire and encourage continuing training so that Chaplains can be professional, reliable, responsible and confident in discharging their duties to the community.

Our Vision

The vision of this organization is to build a formidable, most compassionate Network of Rural and Emergency Medical Team in the world and to engage in Rural Medical Missions and Emergency Medical Services in countries of operation.

Our Story

The Lord God Almighty gave me a clear revelation of the ministry of the Faithful Stewardship, because we are stewards of God’s creation. God Own everything by creation, He own everything by redemption, He spoke clearly to my heart that He will personally receive only the Faithful Stewards into His kingdom, therefore 1 Corinthians 4:2 says “Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful”. The compassion ministry the Lord gave me was backed up by the following gospel passages – Matthew 25:31-46; James 1:27 and James 2: 14-26.

Few Of Our Events